Ute sliding floor

Ute sliding floor

Makes reaching your cargo easy & safe

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Ezi Reach ute sliding floor is 100% Australian made. They are designed for dual cabs, space cabs, 4 × 4’s, Landcruiser 200s, Prado 120, and commercial vehicles.
The Ezi reach ute sliding floor has a clever design that makes them easily adaptable in length and width. So, they can be custom made to suit many other vehicles & situations.
They are constructed from aluminium, making them light but strong. The powder coated finish is attractive hard wearing and easy to clean.

Dual Cab/Space CAB

The Dual cab, space cab, ute sliding floor has high sides & back which helps keep your cargo in place during transport.
As standard the tray comes with 8 strong side tie down loops. There is a number of other tie down options available including cross tray adjustable tie down rails that are set in the floor & do not interfere with cargo, in floor tie downs that can be placed to suit many different fridges & adjustable side tie down rails.
The Tray is designed to be lightweight yet strong and has a carrying capacity of 400kg and 300kg loading at full extension. When extended, the tray is a stable working platform.
With up to 1300mm extension (more for custom designs) it enables you to access 85% of the tub depth from outside the vehicle.
The one hand operation locking system is extremely strong. The tray locks in, out and at multiple positions in-between, just release the handle and the tray locks securely in position.
The tray has a tough powder coat finish that is easy to clean.
The trays are built to suit your vehicle and can be fitted in the ute with or without a tub liner.
You have the option of additional side boxes that add an extra six convenient storage areas.
We are based in Southeast Queensland, and we ship our ute sliding floor Australia wide .

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Who are EziReach?

Ezi Reach is a renowned business that makes sliding cargo trays. It is based in South East Queensland, Australia. Ezi Reach makes sliding cargo trays for dual and space cabs, 4X4s, Landcruiser 200s, and commercial vehicles.

The business began as a result of transporting heavy products to clients. Since the products were heavy, there was a need to develop something that would prevent them from rolling over and causing damage or getting damaged; thus, an idea was developed using a wooden frame that could be fixed together and strapped with the tub liner to help offload the products. In order to unload the heavy cargo for the customers,  the wooden frame would be pulled towards the tailgate so that the products could be offloaded easily.

From there, the wooden frame developed into a tray that would not roll, since the tailgate would hold it at the edge after closing it. After this, the design was further changed to increase the safety. Therefore, research took place of finding a better way of extending the tray when loading and offloading. The use of the tray will became part of your work and your life at home. The family can also use vehicle for different purposes and hence, the whole idea of the tray was transformed.

Later on, the transformation became a product that was offered in the market. Since I have spent most of my life in the development of automotive parts, I decided to concentrate on the sliding cargo trays idea. Throughout my work, I have realized that products have to go through several developments before they can be declared to be fully developed.

Dual cab, Space cab

The first sliding cargo tray is the dual and the space cabs. Their development led to safety and convenience while loading and offloading cargo cabs. They are made in the southeast of Queensland at a place called Gatton.

dual cab sliding cargo tray

It is important for the dual and space cab sliding cargo trays to be durable and lightweight and in this case, they are made from aluminium only. Once the tray is extended outside the vehicle, the length is 1300mm, and one can access 85 percent of the tray when it's extended.

The sliding cargo tray for dual and space can have a strong locking system. It has safety features installed whereby one can lock in or out in different positions. To operate this tray, you will not need any help as it has a one hand operation handle.

It has a capacity of 400kg and 300kg for carrying and loading respectively. The sliding cargo tray is very strong and stable, and you can be sure that your cargo is safe and free from damages. It is well coated with a textured powder that matches the design of the dual and space cabs.

Once you purchase this sliding cargo tray, you get strong down rails that can be used together with the available accessories for efficiency. The trays are made to fit well in your vehicle, and they can be installed without the tube liner. It comes with a storage area that is located on the sides of the tray.


Landcruiser 200 is another sliding cargo tray from Ezi Reach. It is made locally in the southeast of Queensland, but they can be shipped to you at any part of Australia. They are convenient, easy to use and reliable methods of loading and offloading your cargo in a Landcruiser 200. Installation of the sliding cargo tray is easy as bolts are used to mount it after removing the third row of the seat in your vehicle. With this sliding cargo tray, you do not have to modify your vehicle for the tray to fit in as you can get a custom made one.

The Landcruiser 200 sliding cargo tray has the ideal weight, and it is highly durable as it is made from aluminum. It has a strong handle and locking system that makes sure your cargo is safe while inside the tray. The locking system is not complicated and requires one hand to open and close it.

The carrying and loading capacities of this tray are 400kg and 300 kg which make it ideal for carrying heavy products. Once the tray is extended on the outside, it measures 850mm. The sliding cargo tray for the Landcruiser 200 is attractive as it has a black finishing with a tough textured coating. The coating is clean, and you should always make sure that the sliding cargo is clean throughout.

After purchasing, the tray comes with down rails that do not affect the cargo you are carrying on your tray. The tray has enough space for side boxes which can be used for storage purposes.


Our Custom Trays have a clever design that makes the tray fit in any vehicle due to the adjustable sizes. With this sliding cargo tray, it is easy and safe to reach out to your cargo. The handle and the locking system are strong and offer your maximum cargo security. Developed with cargo security in mind, with this sliding cargo, all you products are safe and easy to handle.

Ezi reach custom cargo tray

It is well constructed with aluminum materials that do not add extra weight to your vehicle. With custom sliding cargo trays, you can get more spaces on the sides to put other items. It is well coated with colored powder, and you get to choose the color that matches your car. With custom sliding cargo trays, you have the option to choose the kind of accessories you want.

Besides, the sliding cargo trays helps in offloading heavy products in a more convenient way. An exercise that would otherwise be futile and lead to the damage of products if not well handled.