Accessories Range

For Ezi Reach Cargo Trays

Ezi Reach has a great range of accessories that can be purchased alongside your cargo tray.  Our accessories are designed and manufactured by Ezi Reach using Australian suppliers and materials.  New designs are constantly developing, so watch for new releases!

Ezi Reach Cargo Tray shown in a Ute

Side Boxes

Side Boxes are a great addition for those who want to extend the usable space within their vehicle’s tub.  Our Side boxes are bolted to the side panels of the Cargo Tray and utilise the space above and around the wheel arch.   Our unique design includes a single-level back box and a double-level front box.  This handy accessory is a great addition and has endless uses, for example:

  • Increasing your cargo area
  • retaining and organising small items
  • protecting fragile items during transit
  • securing batteries
  • and so much more!


Ezi Reach Side Boxes can be purchased singularly or as a full set.  However, custom order side boxes are also available if the standard product doesn’t suit your needs.

Ezi Reach Cargo Tray full side box set
Ezi Reach Cargo Tray with full set of side boxes
Ezi Reach Accessories Side Boxes

Half Set of Side Boxes: Front Boxes

Ezi Reach Accessories Back Side Boxes

Half Set of Side Boxes: Back Boxes

Ezi Reach Accessories Custom Side Boxes

Side Boxes can be customised to suit your needs

Anchor Loops

Ezi Reach Anchor loops are heavy-duty steel loops bolted on either side of the cargo tray.  Anchor loops can be used to strap cargo down, as a result, allowing your cargo to travel securely during transit.

Anchor Loops come as a set of 8 or 10 depending on the model of the Cargo Tray.

Ezi Reach Accessories Anchor Loops
Toyota Hilux sliding tub tray 400kg
Ezi Reach Accessories Anchor Loops
Ezi Reach Accessories Anchor Loops

Fridge Mounts

Ezi Reach Fridge Mounts are our tie-down solution of choice for fridges.  However, they can secure just about anything.  Due to the inset design, the fridge mounts won’t interfere with your cargo whilst not in use.  There are multiple positions that our fridge mounts can be placed in to suit your individual needs.  Therefore, they can even be positioned to suit your fridge’s exact specifications.

Ezi Reach Accessories Fridge Mounts

A fridge mounted to a customers tray

Ezi Reach Accessories Fridge Mounts

4x Fridge Mounts

Ezi Reach Accessories Fridge Mounts

Fridge Mounts can be placed in many positions

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