Side Boxes

Side containers can be added to your standard cargo tray to make even greater use of your cargo area & retain smaller items that would otherwise roll around & get damaged in transit.

The side boxes are bolted onto the sides of the cargo tray and utilize the space taken up by the vehicles wheel arch.

A set of side boxes includes one 2/3 length box and one double decker 1/3 length box.

Custom order side boxes are also available if the standard product doesn’t suit your needs.

Anchor Loops

Heavy duty steel loops bolted on either side of the cargo tray enable you to securely strap your load down in transit.  These Anchor Loops come as a set of 8 or 10 depending on the size of the Cargo Tray.

Sliding cargo tray anchors

Adjustable Eye Bolts

These Eye Bolts are used in conjunction with In-floor Cross Rails.

They are used to secure larger, heavier cargo & can be moved along the cross rails  to suit your needs.  The Eye Bolts are easy to use, removable and very strong.

Fridge Mounts

This type of tie down is commonly used for fridges, however they can be installed in the floor of the tray in a range of positions to suit your needs.

When the fridge is not in use they do not interfere with other cargo as they lie flush with the cargo tray floor.

Our Fridge Mounts are now sold individually so you can purchase the number needed for your unique set up.

Landcruiser 200 new shape
Main roads Hilux

Adjustable Cargo Divider

These cargo dividers are used in conjunction with in floor cross tray rails.

They can be adjusted from one side of the tray to the other & secured in position to suit your cargo.  The Cargo Dividers are constructed from aluminium or ply  and can easily have items attached to them.


Cargo Mats

Our Cargo Mats help to protect the surface of the cargo tray whilst also making the surface non slip, helping to further secure your belongings.

Available in both rubber and carpet varieties, the Cargo Mats are durable, easy to remove and customisable to your trays set up.


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