“I’ve had the Ezi Reach Cargo Tray fitted to my Landcruiser 200 for 12 monhts and I am exceedingly happy with it.  It has carried loads well over 150kg (floor tiles, tools) and the slide worked perfectly.  Having a bad back, the slide makes putting everything from shoppingto horse tack into the vehicle painless.

Previously I had to sit on the tail gate and twist/shuffle goods into the loading area.  Now I slide out the tray and load/unload simply and comfortably.  I especially like the ability to simply unlcip ad remove the whole mechanism for vehicle cleaning or using the 3rd row of seats.  The fact that there are no permanent fixings or modifications required to fit the slide is a real bonus.  I have no hesitation recommending the Ezi Reach Cargo Tray”.

Chris Steele

Karalee Qld

‘I purchased an Ezi Reach Cargo Tray a little over a year ago and I’m very happy with it.  It has changed the way I feel about my dual cab and the way I use it. Before having the tray I often got so frustrated with the way I could never get anything out of the back of my Triton that I would give up and just put stuff on the back seat.  Climbing into the back was very difficult for me as I have a knee injury.

Now it is so easy to use the cargo area just squeeze the handle and pull the tray out.  My wife loves it too for grocery shopping and carting the kids sporting equipement.  I would recommend the Ezi Reach to anyone who wants to simplify their life.

John Price

Logan QLD

Received the unit on the day nominate.  It was well packaged and this suggested that the unit would be well made.  It is a top quality item and does Australia proud.  It has been fitted to my vehicle and works well.  No complications or assembly difficulties.  I am looking forward to my first camping tour out back.  Once again well done”.

Paul Kelly


“I have been using the Ezi Reach Cargo Tray in my Toyota Landcruiser for the last six months and I wouldn’t be without it.  I was very reluctant to buy a landcruiser because I am only 5’2 tall and it’s a very large vehicle.  Even though I find the car really easy to drive, my biggest problem was reaching into the boot space to retrieve items.  By the time I had opened the tailgate, I could reach no further than a few feet in.

Then Jon came along with his Ezi Reach Cargo Tray and everything changed.  I no longer had to climb into the back of the car to get my grocery shopping out.  I just slide out the tray and everything is in reach for me.  As we have horses I do a lt of towing and lugging around heavy feed bags and hay etc.  It’s now so easy to slide out the tray and lift the bags of hard feed without straining my back.  The best thing is that the tray fits into my car without removing the rear seats, so if I do need to use all eight seats it only takes a few moment to take out the tray and we’re ready to go.

I think the Ezi Reach is fantastic.  It really has become the answer to my prays.”

Debbie Woodhead


I must say that the quality of the tray is far superior to what I had imagined, and also, that I haven’t lost as much usable space as I though i might. The addition of the side boxes has proven to be extremely handy.  As we are on a road trip, the Ezi Reach Cargo Tray has been used dozens of time in the past week and we couldn’t be happier.

Simply, it is now just so easy to pack and more importantly access anything in the back of our car.  Why didn’t we do this sooner, it is brilliant.  Thanks again”.

David Wittenburry


‘I’m very happy with it!  Nice workmanship, and they are very easy to work with.  This is a sweet set up, they are happy to answer questions, solid craftsmanship, great materials- you wont be disappointed.”.

Jim Otterson


“The Ezi Reach is a great product and it certainly lives up to it’s name- it really makes reaching your cargo easy.  It is well designed, strong and looks good too.  Load it up and slide it in and you are ready to go.  The tie down feature is so much better than anything else i’ve used as you have so many choices and can tie down anything safely and easily.

I really love the emergency locking feature; just release the handle and the tray stops.  Whether you are a tradie, a delivery person or just use your ute for domestic purposes, the tray is invaluable”.


Powertune 4x4

“We had an Ezi Reach Slide fitted to out new Nissan Navara Crew Cab ute in June as we were leaving for our six week trip through North Queensland, just love it.  I realised while I was stacking the ute with various gear I was having certain amounts of trouble when in the ute lifting gear to the front, I am not as young as I once was.  The next day I was over at our mechanics getting extra wiring done for the second battery and on his coffee table int he customer lounge was a flyer about the Ezi Reach Cargo Tray  I thought it was a great idea.

The next morning I rang them and after talking to them, they agreed to come from Ipswich to the Northside of Brisbane to fit it. With us getting ready to go the next morning we did not have the time to go over there and they had work this side of town to do, it worked nicely for both of us.  Done and dusted in about 45mins of fitting time.  I had had draws and cupboards before and as we now are caravaners I did not want to go that way.  What i needed was a slide and after 6 weeks of travel I am far from being disappointed, in fact I am very happy with the tray”.



‘Received tray in perfect condition.  All installed yesterday in my Navara D40, and works fantastic.  Thanks for a great quality product.  Cheers!”



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