Sliding cargo trays for effortless loading & unloading.

Ezi Reach Sliding Cargo Trays make loading and unloading your cargo easy and safe.  Our unique product combines practicality with safety to make your experience as fulfilling as possible.

Sliding cargo trays Ezi Reach

Cargo trays that make reaching your cargo easy.

As modern vehicles are being built bigger and taller than ever before, it’s no longer practical to simply stow cargo in your vehicle’s tub.  Whether items slide out of reach whilst you’re travelling, or are just heavy and hard to move, using a Ute’s tub has gone from handy to cumbersome.  Not to mention the risk of back injuries and sore knees attained trying to reach items or from crawling into your vehicle’s tub!

So we created Ezi Reach.

Ezi Reach Australia designs and manufactures cargo trays for Utes right here in sunny Queensland.  Our trays are designed to make your vehicle’s tub space more accessible and safe by allowing the entire tub contents to slide out.  With an Ezi Reach, your knees and back will thank you, as you’ll never again have to crawl into your vehicle to retrieve lost cargo!

Ezi Reach Cargo Trays are available in multiple sizes to ensure the best fit possible for your vehicle.  Our size range accommodates a large range of Utes and new products are constantly in development to further expand that range.  To further enhance the usability of our cargo trays, a range of accessories, including customer-favourite side boxes, are also available.  Ezi Reach offers worldwide shipping, or pick-up from our Lockyer Valley QLD base.

Sliding Cargo Trays for utes

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