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Cargo Trays are the perfect solutions to all your cargo accessing problems.  The role of a ute has evolved from being a simple work vehicle to one that has to perform a multitude of jobs at work, home and play.  Therefore, with the size and height of these vehicles forever growing, accessing the tub area can be quite a problem.  However, an Ezi Reach Cargo Tray can eliminate your cargo problems once and for all!

"A sliding cargo tray can be like a breath of fresh air. No more climbing into the tub on your hands and knees!"

Full Extendable

The huge 1300mm slide extension enables you to easily access more than 85% of the tubs depth from three sides.  So no more climing into your vehicle’s tub!

400kg Capacity

The strongest tray on the Australian market.  Due to it’s innovative design and quality materials, the Ezi Reach is as strong as they come.

Locking System

The Ezi Reach has a locking system integrated in it’s design that sets it way ahead of it’s competition.  Because of this safety feature, the trays are able to be used safety on an incline.

Adaptable Design

The Ezi Reach sliding cargo trays is easily adaptable in length and width which means they can be made individually to suit all vehicles and setups.

Light but Strong

Constructed with aluminium and stainless steel, therefore the trays are 100% corrosion resistant, lightweight and extremely hard wearing.


Our huge range of accessories such as side boxes, fridge mounts, and tie down loops only further improve the usability of these trays.

Our Ezi Reach Cargo Trays are available in three different sizes, designed to provide you with a product that utilises your vehicles tub space most effectively.


Standard Trays

The ‘Standard Tray’ is design for utes with  regular sized tubs.  This tray will suit you if you have a dual/crew cab vehicle

Ezi reach custom cargo tray Ford F250

Extra Trays

The ‘Extra Tray’ is design for utes with larger/extended style tubs.  This tray will suit you if you have an extra/king/space cab vehicle.


Ultra Trays

The ‘Ultra Tray’ is design for supersized utes such as Dodge Rams, Chevrolet Silverados and Ford F-Trucks.

Product Sizing

Find all product dimension and size info here


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