Custom sliding cargo tray

custom sliding cargo tray


Custom siding cargo tray made by Ezi reach is designed to be light, strong & easily adaptable in length & width which means they can be made to suit many vehicles & situations. Customizing them easy & only limited to the needs of the customer .

Some common options for customization include:-

Battery compartments.  Second battery’s can be accommodated on, above or outside of the tray cargo area.

Tool racks. Useful to store all your tools & display items in there own allocated place.

Cargo dividers.  Adjustable from side to side, are useful to make an area on the tray a perfect fit.  Or attach items to. Can have multiple dividers.

Racks & shelves. Can be made to suit standard plastic parts containers. With or without hinged lids.

Custom made water compartments. Can be accommodated on the tray or replace a side box.

Colour options.  A number of powder coating colours are available.

Raised tray with compartment under.  Raise the tray for an extra storage area.  Maybe for delicate items like solar panels or signage.

Wire baskets & containers. Raised wire baskets or containers for easy & quick access from side windows. Can have hinged lids or cargo nets.

Custom cargo nets.  Custom cargo nets for main tray & side boxes, to keep items in place in transit.

Fabricated side boxes to suit customers needs. Wider, thinner, deeper or maybe full length.

Cargo barriers. In some setups where the driver & passenger’s are in the same space as the tray, to stop cargo entering the passenger area in the event of heavy breaking or accident.

Tradie tray.  Made to suit the space between the tool boxes on tradesmen’s utes.  A space that is often difficult to access and fills up with less used tools & equipment.

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EZI REACH’s Custom sliding cargo tray is made near Gatton, South East Queensland and shipped Australia wide.


Custom made

Many Ezi reach sliding cargo trays go to customers who want or need something different. If your needs are beyond a regular tray, just ask we can probably do it.

After sales service

The Ezi reach after sales service is second to none. If you do have a problem we are always here to help.