These easy to follow instructions for fitting your ute slide tray will make it a quick and successful job, from unpacking the accessories ordered through drilling and painting the holes to testing the movement of the tray. A job well done that will also help you understand the great design of this fantastic product.

Dual Cab Cargo Tray Fitting Instructions

Step 1) Unpack tray and remove all accessories ordered.

Step 2) Lift the handle of the cargo tray and pull to fully extend the tray. Remove the four transit bolts that are securing the tray to the pallet.

Step 3) Lift cargo tray off pallet.

Step 4) Place tray onto vehicle tailgate ( 2 people recommended ) & carefully slide into tub between wheel arches. It is recommended that you use cardboard or something else between the cargo tray and your vehicle.

Step 5) Place rubber strips supplied between cargo tray sub-frame & tub.(optional if there is a tub liner in place).Some vehicles may need the additional half strip at the tailgate end to angle the handle end up and aid clearing the tailgate

Step 6) With tailgate closed adjust position of cargo tray until it is central side to side at the back & front. There should be a minimum gap of 1cm between the trays handle and the tailgate when the tailgate is closed.

Step 7) Lift handle & carefully slide cargo tray out approximately half way exposing holes for fixing. Select 2 holes (1 on either side of sub frame) close to the cabin end of the tub. A visual check is required to ensure that these holes do not interfere with any wiring etc. Drill holes being careful not to move cargo tray position.

WARNING. Twist drills move rapidly when breaking through sheet steel. Make sure all swarf is removed and paint these holes. Place 2 bolts supplied with washers, nylock nuts and spreader brackets (Left image) loosely assembled in the holes drilled. Tighten these bolts making sure the spreader bracket is at 90 degrees to the tub ribs. It is not necessary to tighten fully (highest torque setting on a cordless driver) Select 2 hole positions towards the middle of the sub frame & repeat the drilling operation. Carefully extend cargo tray fully & repeat the drilling operation for 2 holes towards the tail gate end of the sub frame.

Step 8) Make sure nothing interferes with the movement of the tray. The cargo tray should move freely.

Side Container Assembly fitting instructions

The side containers set come as a left side (passenger side) right side (drivers side) & back support. The fittings supplied are 3 off M6 x 16mm zinc dome head, 8 off M6 x 10mm zinc dome head, 11 off M6 nylock nuts & 8 off M4 hex head screws in zinc.

It is recommended that the cargo tray is fitted to the vehicle first & then the side containers assembled on the cargo tray.

Step 1) Position the Back support on the tray & loosely fit the 3 off M6 x 16 dome head screws + 3 nylock nuts supplied. Heads in nuts out.

Step 2) Position the driver’s side container against the tray & loosely fit 4 of the M6 x 10 dome head screws & nylock nuts supplied. Heads in nuts out. Repeat this operation with the passenger side container.

Step 3) Fit 4 M4 Hex drive bolts through the back support & into the screw flutes of the upper container. Fit the remaining M4 hex drive bolts to the other container.

Step 4) Check alignment of all parts of the set & tighten the fittings.