Ute tray slide

Makes reaching your cargo easy & safe

Ezi Reach Australia is a S.E Queensland business. We make a ute tray slide for Dual cab’s, space cabs & lots of other vehicles.
The tray is constructed from 100% aluminium .
The floor of the tray is made from 1 tonne ute deck which is ribbed & very rigid (full set up = 70kg ). This type of construction gives lots of opportunity for the fitting of in floor tie downs for fridges etc.
The clever design makes the tray easily adaptable in length & width so very customizable for many vehicles. Go to custom cargo trays for more info.
In addition every tray comes as standard with 8 side loop tie downs.
Side boxes can be added to the main ute tray slide giving 6 extra storage areas. The lower side box can carry 25 kg each evenly distributed. The higher side container can carry 25 kg each evenly distributed.
When assembled each of the bearings is bolted in 9 positions. (36 high tensile zinc plated bolts in total) & then doweled (16 dowels in total) for peace of mind.
The full set up will easily fit under your hard lid.
The highest point is 34cms above the surface it is bolted to.
The cargo floor of the tray is only 7cms above the surface it is bolted to.
The ute tray slide comes as standard in a Black high wear powder coat.
All components are corrosion resistant so washing is no problem.

Contact Jon for more info.

Endless uses


The internet has changed the way products can be viewed, but there’s nothing like seeing & touching something. The Ezi Reach ute sliding floor is the means of displaying your products in a professional & stylish way.

With adjustable cargo dividers, back boards & shelves that a variety of baskets, containers & product holding devices can be attached to, we can help customize your showroom to suit your products.


Every tradesman likes to set up his ute to suit himself. Ezi Reach ute slide tray is the perfect platform to do this. It can be made to fit into small spaces or large & is highly customizable to carry a wide variety of tools & equipment. It can carry all your gear to the job & then act as a sturdy working platform with innovative new ideas to help you do your job.

On the move

When traveling it is increasingly important to Know the weight you are carrying. The Ezi Reach ute tray slide has a high carrying capacity (400kg) for a surprisingly low weight (63kg). It is cleverly designed using Aluminium to be easily adaptable in size yet light & strong.

It will have no problem carrying & reaching Generators, fridges, water tanks fuel tanks dual battery systems & more. In fact we an help to design innovative new ways to carry these items.

At home

These days the ute is no longer left at work after the working week is over, it has been made to perform a dual role. Yet a trip to the shops has not been made easy by the manufactures as vehicles only seem to become bigger & higher & retrieving your cargo quite often ends up as an unpleasant crawl into the tub.

The Ezi Reach tray is like a breath of fresh air. Up to 1300mm extension (85% of the tub depth) means you can load & unload your cargo from out side your vehicle at a safe height from a sturdy surface.