Custom cargo trays

Custom cargo trays

The Custom cargo trays made by Ezi reach are designed to be light, strong & easily adaptable in length & width which means they can be made to suit many vehicles & situations. Customizing them easy & only limited to the needs of the customer
The ezi reach custom cargo tray has up to 400kg carrying capacity (evenly distributed). The loading capacity depends on the extension.
It is 100% Aluminium. The tray floor is made from 1 ton ute deck. Only metal parts are bearings, Locking parts & fixings (hi-tensile).
Bearings are securely attached to subframe & tray & then dowled in place in 10 positions. (Zero displacement when under load)
Very robust one hand operation handle & locking system with multiply stopping positions.
180mm sides & back wall for cargo retention.
Everything is either powder coated, or zinc plated.
100% made in Qld.
Extremely tough unit.
Different tie down options can be built into the tray. Either in the floor or along the edges.

Some common options for customising include:-

Battery compartments.

Second batteries can be accommodated on, above or outside of the tray cargo area.

Cargo dividers.

Adjustable from side to side, are useful to make an area on the tray a perfect fit. Or attach items to. Can have multiple dividers.

Racks & shelves.

Can be made to suit standard plastic parts containers. With or without hinged lids.

Raised tray with compartment under.

Raise the tray for an extra storage area. Maybe for delicate items like solar panels or signage.

Wire baskets & containers.

Raised wire baskets or containers for easy & quick access from side windows. Can have hinged lids or cargo nets.

Custom cargo nets.

Custom cargo nets for main tray & side boxes, to keep items in place in transit.

Fabricated side boxes to suit customer’s needs.

Wider, thinner, deeper or maybe full length.

Contact Jon for a chat about your needs.

More about EZI Reach Australia

Ezi Reach Australia is a business based in South East Queensland. Ezi Reach specializes in making sliding cargo trays for dual cabs, space cabs, 4X4s, Landcruiser 200s, and light commercial vehicles among others.

Sliding cargo tray started as a simple design. Firstly, it was made from a wooden frame that was fixed on the tube liner. It enabled me to strap down and carry heavy products easily to our customers without the need for rolling them which could cause damage.

From there, I started pulling the frame on the tailgate which made it efficient when unloading heavy products without having them crawl on the back of the vehicle.

Custom Cargo Trays

Later on, the design developed into a versatile tray that is easy to roll towards the tailgate once it's closed during transportation. After all the developments, there were safety concerns that made it necessary to improve the design and look for a better design.

During this time, my family used the vehicle for sporting activities and domestic chores; hence the sliding cargo tray became one of my biggest interests that I decided to pursue it.

The sliding cargo tray transformed into Ezi Reach sliding cargo tray, a commercial product. The transformation was one of my biggest achievements. From there I knew that I would spend most of my working life in the automotive industry, developing automotive parts.

One of the most vital things that I learned in the development industry is that products cannot be considered to be fully developed as it takes its life for them to become fully developed.

Custom Trays

The Custom trays have a very nice design which you can adjust the length and the width according to your preference, and this makes it easy to remove and load your cargo easily.

Ezi reach custom cargo tray

The locking and the handle system have been tested and proven to be very effective and strong. It is constructed with aluminum material which is known to be durable, and lightweight no matter the length and the width. You can get a custom made sliding cargo tray with additional space for storing your vehicle’s toolbox.

The finishing of this sliding cargo tray is very attractive as it well coated. The coating is done with different colors, and you can select the one you prefer. With this sliding cargo tray, you have various options to choose for tie down and other accessories.

In addition, you can never get it wrong with this cargo tray which is uniquely designed to meet your needs. Lastly, the tray has raised sides and back which makes it convenient to manage your cargo.