The Ezi Reach Sliding Cargo Tray


Endless Uses.

An Ezi Reach Sliding Cargo Tray is limitless in the ways it can be used.  Because we specilise in designing and manufaturing innovative solutions that improve your work capability, ensure health and safety, and make daily activities easier.

Travel & Camping

When traveling it is increasingly important to know the weight you are carrying. That’s why our trays are cleverly designed using Aluminium to be strong yet light.  Our Sliding Cargo Tray has a high carrying capacity (400kg) and a surprisingly low weight (63kg).

Therefore, there will be no problem carrying generators, fridges, water tanks, fuel tanks, dual battery systems and more. In fact, we can help to design innovative new ways to cater to these items.

Business & Transport

Why not display & show off your products in a professional & stylish way. Turn your ute into your showroom.

With adjustable cargo dividers, back boards & shelves that a variety of baskets, containers & product holding devices can be attached to, we can help customise your showroom to suit your products & take your showroom to your clients.

We realise that there is no such thing as a standard tradesman’s ute, it’s as individual as the tradesman.

Leisure & Domestic

These days the ute is no longer left at work after the working week is over, as it has been made to perform a dual role. However, a trip to the shops has not been made easy by manufacturers as vehicles are becoming bigger & higher. Because of this retrieving your cargo quite often ends up as an unpleasant crawl into the tub.

The Ezi Reach tray brings 85% of the tub straight to you.  Meaning you can load/unload your groceries, camping gear, sporting equipment etc easily and safely.

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