Dual Cab Space Cab Sliding Cargo Trays

Sliding cargo trays

The roll of the Australian ute has changed dramatically over the last 2 decades. It has gone from a simple work vehicle to a vehicle that has to preform a multitude of jobs. At work, at home and at play.

None of these vehicles get smaller and lower and accessing the tub area can become a big problem. A sliding cargo tray can be like a breath of fresh air to the owners of the vehicles. No more crawling into the tub on your hands and knees.

At Ezi Reach we offer sliding cargo trays made to suit your vehicle with an extension of up to 85% of the tub depth which means you can retrieve all your cargo easily and safely.

With the addition of side boxes all available space is used and accessible.

They are strong and durable, and we’re proud to offer you a product that provides you with value for money for many years.

Our sliding cargo tray for dual cabs and space cabs are made locally near Gatton, South East Queensland and shipped throughout Australia.

1300mm Extension

You will find accessing this sliding tray from outside of the vehicle easy thanks to its 1300mm extension. It enables you to access more than 85% of the tub depth from three sides.

400kg Carrying Capacity

The EZI REACH sliding cargo tray has a 400kg carrying capacity along with 300kg loading. That has made it the leading product on the market. Its strength comes from a clever design & the best Australian materials available. When extended, it provides you with an extremely durable and stable work surface.

Adaptable Design

The Ezi Reach sliding cargo trays is easily adaptable in length and width which means they can be made individually to suit all vehicles and setups. All Ezi reach ute slide trays include side loop tiedowns that are extremely strong. They won’t interfere with your cargo and can be used along with available accessories and others that are being developed. You can fit the tray with or without a tub liner.

Custom Made Trays

We specialize in custom sliding cargo trays to suit customers needs. Ask us for a quote we have probably done it before.

For more information contact jon

Locking System

The EZI Reach locking system is extremely strong & has safety features that set it way above it's competition. Pull up the handle to release the locks.

If the load is getting away from you simply let go of the handle & the tray locks securely into place. One hand is all you need to operate this sliding cargo tray.


The Ezi Reach sliding cargo tray for dual cabs is 100% corrosion resistant.

All steel components are zinc plated or stainless & after assembly the unit has a stylish durable powder coating applied to Australian standards that easy to clean & will last for many years.