About us

The Ezi Reach Sliding Cargo Tray is Australia’s strongest and most reliable cargo tray on the market.  We’ve designed our product to be suitable for everybody and every need, whether your a traveller carrying camping gear, a family doing a grocery shop, or a tradie transporting equiptment.  Our trays are lightweight, extremely durable and strong, stylish and adaptable.

Many trays on the market are one size fits all..  This means that the usable space within a vehicles tub is limited further.  Ezi Reach Cargo Trays are custom made to suit each different vehicle brand and model.  Our design uses the available tub space effectively by being adable in both length and width.  Further more, our Side Box accessories recover the space lost to the wheel arches and provide handy storage spaces.

Our range of products are available for a huge range of vehicles including dual cabs, space cabs, Landcruiser 200’s, 4x4s, and light commercial vehicles.  Custom trays are also available for customers who have particular needs, preexisting set-ups or non standard vehicles.

One of our aims at Ezi Reach is to provide innovative solutions for people that not only make their daily lives and working capabilities easier, but also safer!  Our Cargo Trays help to prevent injuries caused by heavy lifting and eliminate the need to crawl into the tub of your vehicle to retrieve belongs.  1 in 6 people suffer from back injuries and this not only inhibits a persons ability to work and earn a living, but also their quality of life.


Our Story

Ezi Reach Aust was established in 2009 and we have been designing and manufacturing cargo trays ever since.  The product was originally developed after we purchased our first dual cab and discovered just how inconvenient it was to transport belongs in the tub without them sliding around and becoming hard to retreive.  So the first prototype was created, which consisted of a pallet like wooden structure which was manually pulled out of the tub to the end of the tail gate.  Whilst this was a huge improvement, we knew we could do better!  Fast forward a few years of trialling and testing, and Ezi Reach was selling our first Aluminium and Steel trays to the public.  Over the years our design has changed through innovation, including the addition of the Locking System, Side Boxes, accessories and physical appearance, but our mission has remained the same; make reaching cargo easy.

Australian Owned and Made

Ezi Reach is proudly Australian owned and made.  We are passionate about supporting local businesses and endevour to source our materials from locals.  The quality of our products isn’t achieve solely by how they are made, but also how long they last and the ability to do the job they were designed to do.  And thats exactly what the materials from our australian suppliers help us to achieve.

Product quality aside, Australian made products help to maintain the circle of support.  Everytime you buy an Australian made product you support jobs, economic development and the prosperity of Australia, which in turn benefits Australian families, strengthens our communities and builds resiliance into our workforce.

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‘I’m very happy with it!  Nice workmanship, and they are very easy to work with.  This is a sweet set up, they are happy to answer questions, solid craftsmanship, great materials- you wont be disappointed.”.

Jim Otterson